Kochi - A Place for Local Palates

Even though Kochi has been open for a year and we drive by the restaurant often, we hadn’t eaten there. However, after reading a story about it in the Dining Out advertising section of The Honolulu Advertiser and having a friend recommend it, I decided to give it a try.

The etched floral doors are beautiful and gives Kochi a classy elegance. The faux leather chairs were comfortable and durable. Kochi didn’t look like it had been open a year. 

We got there before 5 p.m. and there were people waiting in line (usually a good sign). There were also quite a few reserved signs on the tables.  Customers were local people, many with their families.

I wanted to order the oxtail soup but they were out so instead I ordered the deep fried pork chops (a la carte) served with the spicy and regular ketchup ($13.95) and a half order of garlic fried rice ($6.50).

The pork chops were tender and moist and quite good although I prefer the pork chops at Side Street Cafe, Fort Street Grill, and Jun Bo. The garlic fried rice was tasty but I expected it to be similar to typical fried rice with garlic.  It was basically white rice with bean sprouts and some green onions.  My expectations for fried rice (vegetables, meat and eggs) just weren’t met.

Ron ordered the caterpilla sushi roll ($9.95).  It was good.  However, the rice and the unagi were warm which was unusual for sushi.  Ron also had the two-choice combination dinner (shrimp tempura and salmon misoyaki) for $15.95 which came with miso soup, salad, rice and a choice of ice-cream.  The tempura was fine but the salmon was burnt.  Portions were ample.

The real test is would I return?  I don’t think so.  Although the service was attentive, I think for the money, I prefer the early bird special at California Beach Rock ‘n Sushi for $12.99.  I’m not sure if my discriminating taste is the same as yours so you can try it for yourself.  Our dinner came to $48 not including tip. Kochi is located at 1936 South King Street and is open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. for dinner. For reservations, call 941-2835.

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