Food is Center at Stage

Stage is a contemporary restaurant located on the second floor of the Hawaii Design Center at 1250 Kapiolani Boulevard.

JP and I went to Stage for lunch this week. Since this was the first time that either of us had been to Stage, we decided to eat family style, sharing appetizers, an entree, and dessert. We agreed on the crispy fried calamari with yuzu chili aioli ($8), smoked pork quesadilla ($8), and the “catch of the day” ($18).

The calamari was so ono, light, crispy, tender, and spicy…cooked just right so the calamari wasn’t rubbery. I would order the calamari again. The quesadilla was cut in fourths and served with avocado, and a tomato salsa. It was okay.

The “catch of the day” was salmon misoyaki served over a green tea noodle salad. The salmon was flaky and tasty, not overcooked. The noodles were a nice complement to the salmon. We also ordered brown rice to go with our entree.

Portion sizes at Stage were ample. Prices for the main course range from $13 – $18.

We opted for the “coffee & doughnuts” ($10) for dessert. The cinnamon creme brulee was rich and creamy as was the Kona coffee truffle. The small malasadas (3) were dense.

Lunch was good. We had a coupon for 2 for 1 so the bill was $22. It would have been $44. Would I return with Ron? I think I would but it would be for a special occasion and not anytime soon. For reservations call 237-5429. When we arrived at the restaurant a couple in front of us was turned away since they didn’t have a reservation so you might want to call in advance.

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