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When in London Eat at Ponti’s

Where does a foodie eat when in London? One restaurant to try is Ponti’s Italian Kitchen. Ponti’s Italian Kitchen is a modern, cozy restaurant off of Oxford Road. Food in Europe is expensive, especially since the euro and pound is strong. Ron & I were looking to have something to eat when we stumbled on … Continue »

On the Road in London - Wagamama

Wagamama’s is recommended as one of the reasonable, good restaurants London. What’s my take on this? Hubby was hungry as we had just arrived in London after having flown half the night from Dallas. Where should we eat our first meal in London? Having read Rick Steve’s book and spoken to someone at our hotel, … Continue »

The Fat Greek

Which is the best Greek restaurant on Oahu? The Fat Greek is okay but not The best. Located at 3040 Waialae Avenue, the Fat Greek is a casual restaurant where you can come as you are and can BYOB. We ordered our food and were given pagers to alert us when the food was ready … Continue »

Encore at Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Things happen. Normally, we go to Macaroni Grill for dinner before the rush hour. However, this time we went in the early afternoon, the day before Mother’s Day. In my first review of Macaroni Grill, I said that the food is consistent every time. Well, sort of. Ron & I went to Macaroni Grill for … Continue »

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