The Fat Greek

Which is the best Greek restaurant on Oahu? The Fat Greek is okay but not The best. Located at 3040 Waialae Avenue, the Fat Greek is a casual restaurant where you can come as you are and can BYOB. We ordered our food and were given pagers to alert us when the food was ready to be picked up. We got our own water and brought our own wine glasses.

Girls’ night this month was at The Fat Greek. Two of my friends had the gyros ($7) and the other had the chicken souvlaki ($7) with an order of the Greek Fries ($3.50). The fries (with garlic as an option) can be order with Feta Yogurt Sauce or BBQ sauce.  If you don’t love garlic, order the fries plain, cause it is really garlicky. I had the special which was a braised lamb shank ($14.95) and an order of mussels ($5.00).

Each of our meals came with the salad. I personally liked the salad which had romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced onions, feta cheese and kalamata olives with a dressing that was light, tangy and a little sweet. The lamb was fall off the bone tender with a little bit spice cooked with carrots and other vegies, served over rice. The portion size was enough to share with hubby (I boxed the food before I started eating). Hubby doesn’t usually eat lamb but said he said dinner was tasty.

The mussels (5) were delicious and tender and I ate them all and would order it again. Pita bread was tasty but small.

One of my friend gave me her souvlaki which tasted a bit bland.

Reviews for The Fat Greek are mixed. Some people liked it and others say that you can get less expensive and more plentiful food at other places. I work downtown and have eaten at two other Greek restaurant which I’ll review at another time.

While we were eating outside, there were two big parties eating next to us. They all seem to be enjoying the food.

Worst part of The Fat Greek is the parking. Not sure if I’d go back. Try it for yourself and decide.

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