When in London Eat at Ponti’s

Where does a foodie eat when in London? One restaurant to try is Ponti’s Italian Kitchen. Ponti’s Italian Kitchen is a modern, cozy restaurant off of Oxford Road.

Food in Europe is expensive, especially since the euro and pound is strong. Ron & I were looking to have something to eat when we stumbled on Ponti’s.

We were looking for dessert or something light. I wanted some soup and Ron wanted an appetizer. I ordered a bowl of minestrone soup (3.95 pounds). It was the best, homemade minestrone soup. In fact, Ron tried it and liked it so much that we went back to Ponti’s another day.

We also ordered the calamari fritti (5.95 pounds) which was plentiful, tasty, and tender. For dessert, we ordered the tiramisu which was not your ordinary tiramisu which is layered. This tiramisu was mixed, delicious, rich and creamy.

The food at Ponti’s was a pleasant surprise. The tab was 14.15 pounds but definitely worth it. Try Ponti’s Italian Kitchen. I think you’ll like it. 

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