Gary’s Catfish and BBQ on Route 66

“Serving the best award winning catfish in the country.”

One of the restaurant that is a “must go to “when I visit my in-laws in Lebanon, Missouri is Gary’s Catfish and BBQ on 1760 West Elm Street.

Gary does not own that restaurant anymore even though his name is on the sign. Gary Dyer owns Gary’s Place which is a bed and breakfast and serves Italian food.

Gary’s Catfish is open from 11 a.m. till 9 or 10 p.m. depending on the season and day of the week. The food at Gary’s Catfish and BBQ is delicious, plentiful, and reasonable.

I get the 4 piece catfish with a choice of 3 sides and hush puppies for a grand total of $7.69 (senior menu). If you’re not a senior, the price is $9.15. The catfish is fried so that it is crispy, tender and moist.

Sides include baked potato, BBQ beans, fries, green bean, potato wedges, potato salad, cabbage, fried mushroom, fried okra, cottage cheese, pinto beans, side salad, fruit cocktail, corn on the cob, onion rings, or mashed potatoes and gravy. My in-laws usually order the pinto beans, potato wedges, green beans or fried okra. I like the cabbage, fried onion rings and okra.

While fried foods are not the healthiest, this is a nice treat. Gary’s also serves BBQ but I’ve never tasted it. I like the catfish too much to pass up.

P.S.  June 2011.  Gary’s is now Dowd’s Catfish and BBQ.  Prices went up a bit but not much.  Senior special for 3 catfish and one side is $5.99.  Food still great.

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