Dining at Downtown

Downtown, sister restaurant of Town, is located in the back of the first floor of the Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSam) at 250 S. Hotel Street. Like its sister restaurant, Downtown uses fresh local produce.

The menu at Downtown changes daily so what I ate today may not be available when you dine there. SK and I went there for lunch today. She opted for the iced tea ($2.25) with unlimited refills and I chose the lemonade ($2.50). The lemonade was okay but personally I like mine a little sweeter.

I asked our waitress what she would recommend. She mentioned the fish, the warm chicken salad, or the pork cheeks. SK and I chose the warm chicken salad ($13.50). The salad was chock full of chicken, pecans, fruits, potatoes, and greens. The dressing was light and not overbearing.

We couldn’t decide on one dessert ($6 each) so we got two and shared. We chose the Kula strawberries with a balsamic vinegar and sugar and the panna cotta. The panna cotta was flavorful, smoothe and delicious. It reminded me of key lime pie without the crust. I definitely would have that again.

Lunch for two with tax and tip was over $50.  Although I did enjoy my lunch at Downtown and would go back again, this is not a place I could afford to eat everyday.  Be sure to call 536-5900 for reservations unless you prefer take-out and want to eat at the counter.

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