Eating at the Bishop Street Cafe

Located at the old Dillingham Transportation Building (725 Bishop Street), the Bishop Street Cafe has daily specials, paninis, salads, soups and pasta. Service is quick and the food filling.

There are so many places to eat lunch in the middle of downtown Honolulu. Food at the Bishop Street Cafe is assembled after you order your food. Portions are big. I would never order a full panini. In fact, a half is twice as much as I would eat.

Today, I ordered the New England clam chowder which unfortunately was not good. The soup had lumps which tasted like flour. I returned my bowl of soup to one of the workers who did absolutely nothing about it.

Nic had the onion soup which she said was good. I didn’t see any cheese but there were huge croutons floating in the soup.

One of my co workers shared her turkey panini with pesto with me. The bread was sweet and the pesto very tasty. Next time I may order a half panini.

I’ve had the chicken katsu teishoku at the Cafe which comes with rice, salad and soup. The katsu is thick and filling. I’ve also had the Oriental Chicken Salad which is very plentiful and enough for two meals for me. Both these items are recommended.

The food at the Bishop Street Cafe is reasonable, under $10 and very filling. Nothing really exciting but okay for a quick lunch.

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