Bishop Deli - Sandwiches & Salads Made to Order

What can you buy for $6.00? At Bishop Deli you can get either a sandwich with two sides, an entree salad, or chicken curry with rice and a salad.

Located at 700 Bishop Street (in the Bishop Street Tower of the Topa Financial Center), Bishop Deli is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily specials include two sandwiches and two curries.

Sandwich specials may include turkey, tuna melt, Tuscan chicken, or roast beef served on your choice of either a baguette, whole wheat or ciabatta bread. Sandwiches are heated and served with either a green and potato salad or a green and pesto salad. The pesto salad is delicious with a strong garlic taste. If you don’t like garlic, order the sandwich with the potato salad. Each sandwich is made to order so depending on what time you go, there may be some wait time involved.

The curry special is either yellow, green or panang chicken. The curry comes with your choice of either jasmine or brown rice with a green salad. When I went at 1:30 p.m. the curry was sold out. Salads include chicken caesar, pesto chicken, curry chicken, thai beef, and Oriental chicken salad.

The first time I went to Bishop Deli, I had the pesto chicken salad with a small scoop of pesto pasta over mixed greens with a generous portion of sliced chicken mixed with pesto sauce.

I’ve also had the Tuscan chicken sandwich on the ciabbata bread served with the green salad and pesto pasta. The Tuscan chicken sandwich is one of Bishop Deli’s best seller and was delicious. Located near Subway’s and Komala Curry, the Bishop Deli is a must try. The food there is tasty, price reasonable, and portions generous.

Update on Bishop Deli. A reader wrote on January 8, 2009 that Bishop Deli has closed.  I’m not sure if the restaurant has moved to another location or closed permanently.  It was a favorite.

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