Harbor Court Bistro, the Second Time Around

Okay, I decided to give Harbor Court Bistro another chance. Harbor Court Bistro has been open for over a month so the kinks should be gone. Nic and I went there for lunch yesterday. We were greeted and seated right away in a nook that enabled me to see the kitchen and most of the restaurant.

We were anticipating a good experience. Our server was friendly and attentive. We decided to share our food and decided on the Dragon Shrimp appetizer ($11) and the green tea chicken executive lunch ($23) which included a soup or salad and ice cream or sorbet for dessert. We opted for the Lobster Bisque for our starter.

After getting our drinks, our server brought our rolls. I love these. The rolls were warm and bite size.

When the soup arrived, both Nic and I could see steam coming out from the soup. The Lobster Bisque was delicious, smooth, flavorful and… lukewarm. Go figure. I’m not sure if it is the soup bowls used or what, but the soup was lukewarm and not hot.

The Dragon Shrimp (6 pieces) was spicy and served with a garlic aioli sauce. The sauce was tangy and not overpowering. The Dragon Shrimp was a winner. We liked the garlic aoili so much we asked for more and ate our chicken and rice with it.

Our server was nice enough to split the quarter chicken in the kitchen and gave us an extra scoop of rice and veggies. The chicken was hot and tender but the green tea, lemon grass, and garlic taste was muted. Nic and I were disappointed. Our vegetables and rice were cold and the chicken tasted bland. For less than half the price of our lunch, we could get a tasty half chicken at Leo’s Taverna.

We chose the homemade chocolate habanero ice cream for our dessert. The ice cream was good…smooth and creamy with a spicy kick. We both liked it.

Nic and I both agreed that the best items we ate at Harbor Court Bistro this time were the Dragon Shrimp and ice cream.

The staff at the Harbor Court Bistro were very attentive. The manager stopped by our table and asked about our food. I was very straight forward with my comments.

Every dining experience has an expectation, whether it’s at McDonald’s or Orchids. Despite the fact that the wait staff were attentive, the food for the price just didn’t measure up to my expectations. Unfortunately, both Nic and I are not in a rush to return.

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