“The Finest Japanese Restaurant in Honolulu”

That is how Yanagi Sushi describes itself. Yanagi’s has been open since 1978. Forty years and still going strong. Located at 762 Kapiolani Boulevard, Yanagi Sushi can be quite crowded so it is wise to make a reservation first. Their telephone number is 597-1525.

Ron & I went to Yanagi’s for lunch on Monday. When you walk into the restaurant, the sushi bar is straight ahead. Today no one was at the bar. The restaurant had people but it was not packed as it sometimes can be. Photos plaster the walls. I’m sure these are famous people but I don’t know who they are.

Depending on what you order, Yanagi’s can be expensive. However, the double combination lunch is reasonable. The lunch comes with two different entrees, rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables. The price ranges from $8.95 to $11.95. The $8.95 combos are tempura & chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki & chicken cutlet, salmon katsu & chicken teriyaki, broiled salmon & chicken teriyaki, ahi teriyaki & chicken cutlet, fried ahi & chicken teriyaki, and ahi teriyaki & fried shrimp.

For $11.95 you can order nigiri sushi & zaru soba or nigiri sushi & mini udon.

I ordered the salmon katsu & beef teriyaki for $9.95. The salmon katsu was crunchy on the outside but tender and moist inside. The teriyaki was thinly sliced and flavorful. There was enough food for my lunch and dinner.

Ron ordered the nigiri sushi. His usual is an order of anago ($6.00), two orders of unagi ($10.00), and an order of tamago ($3.00). He can be a creature of habit. He knows what he likes and does not want to be disappointed.

We were in and out in 30 minutes. The staff at Yanagi Sushi is efficient. If you want a fast lunch at the “finest Japanese restaurant in Honolulu” give Yanagi a try. The food is consistent and tasty.

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