Unless You Tell Them They Won’t Know

Communication is the key to so many things. If the service or food is good at a restaurant, tell them. It is isn’t, tell them so they have an opportunity to correct the situation.

Usually, I will tell the wait staff at a restaurant if something is wrong. I have had hair, bugs, dirt and finger nails in my food. I’ve also had cold foods that were supposed to be hot and raw items that were supposed to be cooked. You get the picture. Even in the best of restaurants, things happen.

A good restaurant will take care of things right away, if you let them know. If you don’t tell them, they can’t correct the situation. Case and point is what happened to my husband and I at The Cheesecake Factory.

When my husband and I came home after eating at the restaurant, I wrote a review and I e-mailed the restaurant my comments using their Web site. I got a phone two days later from the restaurant manager who wanted to know the details and who said he would send me a gift card so that I would give the restaurant another chance.

Please keep in mind, I don’t complain if there isn’t anything wrong and I try to give commendation when things are good. Read my reviews and you’ll know. However, if something is wrong with the quality, speak up. I don’t always follow my own advice but I should.

P.S. A letter and a gift card arrived in the mail from the restaurant manager. I haven’t gone back yet but I’m more inclined to do so.

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