The Ocean House at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach

A meat lover’s dream. That would be an apt description of the Ocean House at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach.

“Elegantly appointed with classic, early 1900s décor, the Ocean House is a stylish reminder of Hawaii’s plantation era. Diners are greeted at the restaurant’s front porch and a cozy reception room with fireplace and period mementos from a century ago.”

I had often read about the Ocean House but for whatever reason never went there. The gang was having our girls’ night out on Friday and decided to give the Ocean House a try. 

Three of us ordered the “Hawaiian Salt” slow roasted prime rib. EP and I shared a 16 oz. Ali’i cut ($34) and JM ordered an 8 oz. portion for ($24). SC had the tenderloin which she described as the best ever.

Fresh, warm bread was served with butter. The bread was so good that we asked for another basket.

The prime rib was served with mashed potatoes. JM requested rice instead. The prime rib was so tender, tasty and ono.

All of us enjoyed the food and view at the Ocean House. The Friday night fireworks from the Hilton Hawaiian Village were an added bonus.

The downside was the service. When we asked the waiter if we could share the Ali’i cut, he was hesistant. There was nothing printed on the menu that said we couldn’t. My view on this is that I’m the paying customer and if I want to share the food, unless the menu states sharing is prohibited, I should be able to and the waiter shouldn’t hesitate.

EP, SC, and I went to Denny’s the next day for breakfast. EP and I wanted to share a plate. The waitress said sure and smiled. Different body language, attitude, and manner. She got a generous tip. : )

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