Blazin’ Steaks at Makai Market

Cheap eats.  That describes the food at Makai Marketplace at the Ala Moana Center.  Blazin’ Steaks is one of the fast food places that is in the food court.

Ron & I went to the food court on Saturday.  After walking around the food court, we finally decided to try a fish and steak combo at Blazin’ Steaks.  The price was good $7.00 for a steak and opakapaka combo.  The plate lunch included 2 scoops of rice with tossed greens.  The steamed fish was overcooked and served with a sweet chili sauce.  The steak was tasty and tender and the best part of the plate lunch.  I’d just order steak the next time with the tossed greens since the rice was a bit dry.  The food was okay, nothing great, but good enough if you just wanted to eat something that is inexpensive and filling.

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