Archives for March 2009

Breakfast at a local hang out - Like Like Drive Inn Restaurant

Where do the locals or kamaainas go when they want to eat breakfast?  Reasonable places in downtown Honolulu that come to my mind are IHOP, Denny’s, Pancake House, Hula Grill, Eggs ‘N Things, Wailana Coffee Shop, McDonald’s and also Like Like Drive Inn. Let me first explain that our first choice for Sunday breakfast was … Continue »

Cheap Eats at Makai Market Place - Hibachi San

Decent food for a reasonable price, that is what most people want in general.  The food court at Ala Moana Center offers a wide variety of food…Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Thai, and American for less than $10. Ron and I went to Makai Market Place on a Wednesday night and chose Hibachi San, a sister … Continue »

Kincaids Revisited

Kincaids Restaurant is one of the places I like to go to sit in the bar and eat pupus for 50% off.  How are their dinners? Yesterday, Ron & I went to Kincaids for dinner.  It’s been awhile since we’ve gone there.  Ron ordered the calamari for an appetizer and one of the daily dinner … Continue »

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