Breakfast at a local hang out - Like Like Drive Inn Restaurant

Where do the locals or kamaainas go when they want to eat breakfast?  Reasonable places in downtown Honolulu that come to my mind are IHOP, Denny’s, Pancake House, Hula Grill, Eggs ‘N Things, Wailana Coffee Shop, McDonald’s and also Like Like Drive Inn.

Let me first explain that our first choice for Sunday breakfast was at Eggs ‘n Things but the line was too long and it was already past 9 a.m.  Ron & I had some shopping to do so I mentioned that I could make breakfast at home later.  While driving to the store we thought of Like Like Drive Inn.  Like Like is a coffee shop started by the Nako family. 

The restaurant was busy but there were about 4 booths open.  Ron ordered the hamburger patty with two eggs which came with 2 slices toast (white or wheat) and hash brown potatoes and a drink for $8.30.  I ordered the mini fried rice for $4.30.

Ron was impressed.  He said that the scrambled eggs tasted like eggs and the potatoes like real potatoes and the hamburger was actually hamburger and not some processed patty.  That description may sound funny but certain places use processed foods that sometimes the food doesn’t really taste like the item ordered.  The portion size of his food was so much that Ron took home half of his potatoes and about a third of his hamburger.  He said he was full and didn’t need to eat lunch.  The food was good and hot.

My mini fried rice was more than enough too.  In fact, I only ate half and it’s past noon and I’m not hungry at all.

Consider Like Like Drive Inn for breakfast if you’re near Ala Moana Shopping Center.  They are located at 745 Keeaumoku Street across of Wal Mart.  Bring cash though because Like Like does not take checks or any credit cards.


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