Cheap Eats at Makai Market Place - Hibachi San

Decent food for a reasonable price, that is what most people want in general.  The food court at Ala Moana Center offers a wide variety of food…Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Thai, and American for less than $10.

Ron and I went to Makai Market Place on a Wednesday night and chose Hibachi San, a sister restaurant of Panda Express, after trying some chicken teriyaki samples.  We ordered the Chicken and Steak combo with ginger garlic sauce and steamed white rice for $7.25.  Hibachi San offers other combos and plates but everything is under $10.  Brown rice and noodles may be substituted for rice for an additional charge.

The chicken and steak were tender and delicious.  We shared the plate lunch and thought that we would have left overs but the food tasted so good we at everything.  The stir-fry was prepared fresh and served with freshly cut vegetables.  The food wasn’t gourmet quality but was filling, tasty and reasonably priced.

Although this place was a little more expensive, we prefer Hibachi San over Blazin’ Steaks.

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