Kincaids Revisited

Kincaids Restaurant is one of the places I like to go to sit in the bar and eat pupus for 50% off.  How are their dinners?

Yesterday, Ron & I went to Kincaids for dinner.  It’s been awhile since we’ve gone there.  Ron ordered the calamari for an appetizer and one of the daily dinner specials, the bacon wrapped 9 ounce filet mignon ($29) for his dinner.  I opted for the 12 ounce prime rib ($33).

Sad to say but I was disappointed.  The calamari was seasoned with the Chinese five-spices and deep fat fried and served with a spicy sweet and sour sauce.  The portion size was plentiful but the calamari was rubbery.  I requested an aioli sauce from the waitress who said yes but never brought the sauce.

Both dinners came with buttermilk fried onions and red-skinned mashed potatoes.  Ron is allergic to milk so he requested plain potatoes and caramelized onion.  Both the steak and the prime rib were cooked fine.  However, the taste of my prime rib was blah even with the au jus sauce.  Both Ron & I got reactions to the food so we aren’t sure if there was any yeast or monosodium glutamate in any of the food.

Right and left, restaurants are closing down.  Brew Moon, E&O Restaurant and Nick’s Fishmarket.  I believe Aaron’s will be closing soon too.  It’s a tough market for restaurants.  In the past, I remember getting a hot vegetable instead of onions with the prime rib. Serving onions instead of a hot vegetable seems like a cost cutting measure.

The cost of our meal came out to $75.00 not including any beverages or a tip.  For that price, I would have rather gone to Ruth’s Chris for their early bird special or even Neptune’s Garden. I believe the quality of the food and the service would have been better.

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