Zippy’s Restaurants Another Local Hangout

Located all over Oahu, Zippy’s is one of Hawaii’s local restaurants where people, especially seniors using their discount, go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.  Although there isn’t a Zippy’s in Waikiki, there are several that are in the vicinity (Ala Moana Shopping Center near Sears, Kapahulu, Makiki, and McCully).

The food or decor at Zippy’s isn’t fancy.  The menu is basic…breakfast items served all the time, sandwiches, fried chicken, chili, saimin, local items, desserts from Napoleon bakery and daily specials.  Ron and I have gone to the Makiki location even though we live a block away from the McCully one. 

We’ve eaten there twice this month so I thought I’d write about my experience.  Ron usually orders eggs, chili or a hamburger and hash browns.  Nothing special but he enjoys it.

The first time I went I ordered the beef cutlet and gravy with real mashed potatoes and a cooked vegetable.  The beef cutlet was too thin.  I asked for gravy on the side but the cook had gravy over the meat.  The gravy was tasty and flavorful and went great with the mashed potatoes.

The second time I ordered the mini chicken katsu curry with one scoop brown rice and corn.  There was a lot of food.  I should have asked for the curry on the side so I could have taken some of the chicken home.  Instead, I ate everything.  The seasoning for the curry was mild but went well with the fried chicken cutlet.

You can order your meal to include soup or salad, dessert, and a drink for a small additional charge but we usually order the just the main meal.  The cost for our meal each time was under $20 including tip. 

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