Oodles of Noodles

Like rice, noodles are a staple in Hawaii.  Just within 3 blocks of each other are 3 noodles shops in McCully.  This is my review of one establishment…Nihon Noodles.

Nihon Noodles is located on 2065 S. King Street.  Unlike most other noodles shops, Nihon Noodles decor is contemporary and black.  The wait help is dressed in black and the table and chairs are black.

I went to Nihon Noodles at 11:15 a.m. on Saturday morning and the only people there besides the workers was a table of 3.  When I entered the restaurant no wait help was to be seen.  It took awhile for someone to come out of the kitchen.

I like noodles better than rice, any kind of noodles.  One of my best experiences of eating noodles was in Sapporo, Japan, a little hole in the wall, in an alley.  The noodles and broth were the best ever.  Today I went to Nihon Noodles and ordered the Sapporo Tsukemen ($7.75) which is cold noodles garnished with char siu, menma, green onions, nori, ginger and sesame seeds served in a slightly miso concentrated soup broth mixed with cabbage and bean sprouts.  I also ordered the 6-piece Yokahama Gyoza ($3.95).

The noodles were okay but the broth was almost tasteless.  I’ve eaten the Tsukemen at Taishoken on Keeaumoku Street and the broth there was flavorful.  The gyoza on the other hand was tasty even without the sauce. 

According to Nihon Noodles, their best seller is the Nihon Trio which consists of three different types of noodles (thin, medium and thick) with 3 different broth (Tonkatsu, Shoyu, and Miso) for $8.95. 

Would I return? I don’t think so.  The food was okay.  At this point, I want to try Sanoya Rahmen and Jimbo Udon.

Update:  Another restaurant has closed…Taishoken is no more.


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