Dave & Busters

Movie & dinner at Ward Entertainment Center.  Hubby saw the trailer for “Julie & Julia” and knew that I would enjoy watching it, being the foodie that I am.  He suggested that we see the movie after work and then go out to dinner at Dave & Busters.  Here are my thoughts.

We haven’t been been to Dave & Busters in awhile.  The food is okay but nothing special.  We usually order the tempura fried mushrooms and the ribs.  When we went to the restaurant we looked through the entire menu and couldn’t find the mushrooms.  We checked with the staff and they said that it was taken off the menu.  Big disappointment for us.  We decided to leave. 

Instead, we went to California Beach Rock n Sushi, one of our faves.  We ordered the gyoza, Downey Roll, and side order of tempura.  Everything was great.  Chenay, our waitress, was willing to give us tempura mushrooms instead of the other vegetables.  Talk about service.

I’m not saying not to go to Dave & Busters.  It just was disappointing to us when the menu was changed and our favorite appetizer was taken off the menu.

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