Olive Tree Cafe

Located near the Kahala Mall, the Olive Tree Cafe does a steady business with locals and tourists.  My friends and I decided to go there for girls night out last month.  We decided to go there early so we would beat the crowd.  We got there at 5 p.m. but it was already crowded.

I ordered the mussels, lamb kebabs, and baklava.  The total bill came up to $25, a little pricey to me considering that we basically ate at a take out.  The mussels were very good, tender and flavorful and to me the best thing that I ate.  The lamb while plentiful was a little tough and lacked seasoning.  The baklava was made with pistachios but didn’t have much filo and was dry and fell apart.

Except for the mussels, I prefer the Fat Greek.  The Olive Tree has a following.  Perhaps I ordered the wrong thing.  I don’t know but I truly wasn’t impressed.  The place was packed and the tables close to each that you could hear the conversation of the table next to you.  Let me know which one you prefer.

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