d.k Steakhouse

Located on the 3rd Floor of the Marriott Hotel in Waikiki (2552 Kalakaua Avenue), d.k Steakhouse was a bit of of a disappointment.  Read more to find out why.

I’ve eaten the dry aged steaks from d.k Steakhouse before and thought they were great so our friends and hubby were looking forward to trying the $30 2nd Annual Restaurant Week Special.

We arrived at the restaurant at 5:45 p.m. and were seated in a booth.  Please note that the booths are made of wood and are quite uncomfortable.  Ask for seat cushions if you go.  You’ll thank me for that advice.  Jokingly, my husband said can we have seat cushions and lo and behold we were given 4.

Since we came specifically to try the items featured for Restaurant Week, we didn’t really peruse the menu.  Appetizer choices were Braised Beef Mortadella Tortellini or the Eggplant Roulade.  Entree choices were a 12 oz. Maui Cattle Co. Rib Eye Steak, King Crab Florentine Mahimahi or Roasted “Tuscan Style” Chicken.  Dessert was either the Chocolate Bomb or Vanilla Panna Cotta.

Except for the Roasted Chicken, our group ordered different combinations of the above choices.  I ordered the eggplant roulade, the rib eye steak, and the chocolate bomb.  The roulade was a tad salty and the boursin cheese was overpowering.  The rib eye steak, although tasty, was not a tender as some I’ve had.  The Maui Cattle Company beef is organic so that may be a reason.  The steak came with Yukon potatoes and asparagus.  Both were a bit bland.  The chocolate bomb was served with a scoop of chocolate mint ice cream.  The bomb was good but I personally think that the bomb should have been served with plain vanilla ice cream.

FS and hubby enjoyed their tortellini.  NS had the fish for her entree and said that the fish was bland and requested shoyu or soy sauce.  She ordered the vanilla panna cotta for dessert and mentioned that that was the best thing she had for dinner.

The staff at d.k was very pleasant, cordial, and attentive.  I’m not sure if I’d return.  I do like the dry-aged rib eye but a 22-oz rib eye costs $42.95.  For reservations, call (808) 931-6280.

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