Yama’s Fish Market

Located in quiet Moiliili at 2332 Young Street, Yama’s Fish Market does a steady business for locals wanting fresh Hawaiian and local food.  It’s a take-away.

I went to Yama’s Fish Market because I had a coupon that was about to expire the end of this year.  However, I’ve been a Yama’s customer for over a decade when they were located at the Manoa Marketplace.  I ordered the #4 Kalua Pig and Macaroni Salad ($5.85) with Poi (+ $.45) and the #16 Mochiko Chicken ($6.45). 

The mochiko chicken was not the usual mochiko chicken which is bite size chicken pieces marinated and then fried.  Instead the marinated chicken thighs were fried and then sliced and served with a sweet chili sauce.  The chicken comes with two scoops rice & macaroni salad or a tossed salad with Ranch or Italian dressing.  The mochiko chicken was very tasty even without the sauce and good cold.

The Kalua pig was not too salty and plentiful.  I ate the pig with the poi the first day and froze the rest for another meal which I thawed and cooked with cabbage for Kalua pig and cabbage.

Yama’s also sells local plates such as beef stew, beef teriyaki, pork adobo, shoyu chicken, and grilled ahi.  They have a good selection of poke which they sell by the pound.  Several plate lunches also come with the poke.

You can also get side orders of lau lau (pork with chicken, chicken only, or vegetarian by special order) for $3.65.

Yama’s also makes some wonderful desserts such as haupia and sweet potato haupia.  For catering and to order in advance call 941-9994.

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