Healthy Eating at Hale Modern Macrobiotic – Closed

Having worked as a dietitian and nutritionist for over a decade, eating healthy is not just important, but a way of life to me.  I like all kinds of food but I also realize it’s important to make good choices.  Two of my friends suggested we try Hale Modern Macrobiotic, a restaurant that serves whole grains, vegetables, soy products, and fish.  Here’s my review of our lunch today.

Today was girls lunch out.  With the economy being the way it is, we opted to eat out at lunch instead of dinner.  One of the specials at Hale Modern Macrobiotic was the Kuruma-Fu burger ($11.95).  It looks like a large crispy donut with panko on the outside and is served with a barbecue sauce on a heated whole wheat bun.  After seeing the “burger” presented to the people eating next to us, three of our party decided to order it.  The “burger” is a wheat based product which is quite tasty.  DY, SE, and BR all spoke highly of their “burger” and ate everything on their plates.

I ordered the Kuruma-Fu cutlet ($11.95) which came with an apple miso sauce.  The cutlet was actually 1 1/2 “burgers” without the bun. It is served with two vegetable sides, a green salad, and brown rice.  The brown rice was not the typical Hinode brown rice, tender and delicious instead of soggy or chewy.  I also was offered the goma-tei (sesame seed) for the rice which was a little salty and tasted like furikake to me.  I ate till I was full and still took home 1 cutlet and the brown rice.

LH had the mabo tofu ($10.50) which is different from the typical mabo tofu served with pork.  The sauce was ginger miso instead of chili based. LH said she liked the tofu but did not like the ground seitan.  The mabo tofu came with the two vegetable sides and brown rice.

JI ordered a side salad and cremini mushroom soup which she said were both different and delicious.

No one seemed to mind that there wasn’t any meat in what we ate today.

The decor at Hale Modern Macrobiotic was modern and had a nice feel to it.  The food is different but quite good. The food is made to order so be prepared to wait.  Try it, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  If you go, please try to order something different, not something you can get anywhere else.

Hale Modern Macrobiotic is located at 1427 Makaloa Street, on the mauka side across of the Keeaumoku Street Wal-Mart.  Their phone number is 944-1555.

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