Assaggio Bistro Italian

Where do you go when you want to take people out to a nice Sunday lunch in East Honolulu where you can sit and talk and relax? Options are the restaurants at The Kahala, Chilis, Chan’s etc.  We chose Assaggio Bistro Italian near Umeke Market at 4346 Waialae Avenue near Kahala Mall.  Here’s our impressions.

Assaggio’s Bistro Italian is one of many on Oahu.  It’s one of the copycat restaurants of the now defunct Castagnola Restaurant.  Paesano in the Manoa Marketplace is another.  The menu is pages, so many choices that it’s hard to decide what to order.

After perusing the menu for awhile, FL finally said I’ll order the special which was a chicken and shrimp in lemon butter sauce over pasta.  RS ordered steak and PL ordered the shrimp scampi.  Hubby was going to order the steak too but opted for the monchong fish.  I ordered my fave, the chicken saltimbocca.  Entrees ranged from $15 – 20.

After we ordered our food, our waiter brought out warm loaves of bread with butter.  So ono.  I actually prefer the bread with oil and balsamic vinegar but stuck with the butter.

Everyone was happy with their entrees.  Both RS and hubby ate everything on their plate.  Hubby said his fish was moist and very tasty and the potatoes were cooked perfectly. The rest of us had a lot of pasta.  My chicken (one piece) was tender and tasty.  I actually took home half my lunch and had it for another meal.  It was yummy.

The food at Assaggios is ample but the portions are smaller and the price a little higher than other similar restaurants.  The decor is modern but comfortable.  The wait staff is friendly and attentive.  Would I go back?  Yes, especially since hubby liked it.  Tab for 5 people was $120 with tip.

Call 732-1011 for reservations.  We made reservations since we ate at noon and expected the place to be packed but we saw only 4 other parties so reservations were not really necessary but maybe it was a slow day.

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