Kit n Kitchen

Kit n Kitchen serves ample Euro Asian Cuisine at reasonable prices and is located at 1010 University Avenue in Varsity Center,

Girl’s night this month was at Kit n Kitchen.  DY saw an ad in the Dining Out section of The Honolulu Advertiser and mentioned that she wouldn’t mind trying Kit n Kitchen.  I had eaten there several years before starting my blog so I decided to give it another try.

Five of us ordered the four course special which came with a choice of a Garden Salad or soup, Escargot Wellington, Beef Chimichurri, and Garlic Basil Shrimp, a choice of pepper rack of lamb, pan-fried basil salmon, baked seafood, ox tail stew, or rib eye steak (additional $4), and a mini dessert of either NY cheese cake, chocolate cake or a ice cream sundae.  We had a coupon that included a glass of wine with the dinner for $19.99.

I chose the cream of mushroom soup, lamb with spaghetti, and the cheese cake.  The cream of mushroom soup was different.  It was not your usual cream of mushroom soup.  It had cream but was not thick and was full of carrots and mushrooms.  It was fair.  The second course was one of my favorites.  It came with two of each appetizer.  I especially liked the Beef Chimichurri and the Escargot Wellington.  I was getting full after the second course.  The lamb came with 2 ribs, some potatoes, and zucchini and the spaghetti.  The lamb was very tasty and a little spicy but was cooked perfectly.  I ate one rib and took the other home with most of the spaghetti. 

The cheese cake was two bite size pieces of cheesecake which was a perfect ending since I was already full. 

Would I go back?  Perhaps, but I am not in a rush.  It’s not that the food wasn’t good but there wasn’t a wow factor and hubby doesn’t like the food there.  I’d recommend that you try it once and make your own decision.  The service is attentive.  One thing that I noticed was that some of the plates were chipped.  I think those plates should be discarded for sanitary reasons.

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