Where do the trucker’s eat?

Driver’s Diner is located at 3006 Ualena Street.  On any given day, you will see a line of people ordering and waiting to get their plate lunches.  How’s the food there?  Is it true that truck drivers go where the food is good?  Here’s my review.

One of my co-workers eats regularly at Driver’s Diner.  His lunches always look and smell so good. 

On Wednesday, April 28 I decided to try Driver’s Diner.  I wanted to order the Cajun Ahi with the Shrimp since I read that was good.  However, it was not on the menu board that day.  Instead, I ordered the Mini Chicken Katsu Curry with the curry ($4.50)  on the side with macaroni salad. 

Portions at Driver’s are good.  I got a healthy scoop of white rice, mac salad, and a good size piece of chicken katsu with a bowl of chicken curry.  Yep, you heard right chicken curry.  There was chicken in the curry, not just vegetables.  The chicken katsu was cooked perfectly and was not greasy.  However, the taste was bland.  The curry was blah and needed more seasoning.  The chicken in the curry was tough, like it had been recooked into another dish.  The mac salad was macaroni, carrots, mayo, and a bit watery.  That’s not mac salad.  Mac salad has onion, celery, eggs, tuna, etc.

I was disappointed.  The food was mediocre.  The portions and price were good (I had enough lunch for two meals) but the taste…it was missing to me.  Perhaps, it was what I ordered or that I’m discriminating.  Don’t know.  Would I go back?  Maybe.  I might give Driver’s Diner another try but I won’t order the chicken katsu curry.  I think I’ll call 836-1575 first to find out if the Cajun Grilled Ahi and Shrimp is on the menu that day.

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