Teddy’s Bigger Burger

Teddy’s Bigger Burger’s new location is 2424 S. Beretania Street on the corner of Isenberg and Beretania.  Hubby and I had to check this place out as we drove pass the restaurant every week waiting for it to open.

There are three doors to Teddy’s but only two open to the restaurant.  Teddy’s reminds me of the early 50’s burger joints except with surfboards.  There are three burger sizes…big (5 oz.), bigger (7 oz), and biggest (9oz.)  The burger are made fresh and cooked medium. 

Besides hamburgers, Teddy’s also serves chicken, fish, veggie burgers, and turkey burgers.  You can also create your own salad for $4.99 (choice of 4 toppings which include tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh mushrooms, craisins, avocado, croutons, bacon, walnuts, shredded or blue cheese).  Protein can be added to your salad for $2.79.

Shakes ($4.79) and malts (50 cents more) can also be ordered.  Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter, root beer, dreamsicle, or pineapple.

Since this is Teddy’s Bigger Burger, we HAD to try a burger.  After studying the menu on the wall, we ordered the Kailua Style Big Combo ($7.89) which we upgraded to onion rings ($1.30) instead of fries.  The combo comes with the burger, fries and a drink.

The Kailua Style burger is a teri burger with grilled onions, mushrooms, and swiss cheese served with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.  Messy but good.  The onion and mushrooms kept on falling out of the bun.  The bun was soft and fell apart but it was tasty.  The onion rings were good too.  Hubby really like the hamburger and said he would go back again and perhaps take our children the next time.  There are twenty customer parking stalls in addition to street parking.  We went a little after 5 p.m. so the restaurant wasn’t crowded. 

Teddy’s isn’t fancy and the toppings aren’t exotic but they do make a good hamburger.  Hubby liked the burger here better than Burgers on the Edge.  We still have to try the Counter at Kahala Mall.


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