Eating on the West Side

Waikele has an outlet mall but also places to eat like Chili’s, McDonald’s, KFC, Genki Sushi, Jurisons Inn, and Restaurant Kunio.  Hubby and I decided to go to Restaurant Kunio for brunch.  The restaurant opens at 10:30 a.m. so that was perfect.

Restaurant Kunio is located at 94-799 Lumiaina Street.  It’s a popular place in Waikele. Although we were one of the early birds, the restaurant filled up quickly. 

I ordered the AA combination plate ($15.75) which came with shrimp and vegetable tempura (eggplant, carrot and green beans), miso butterfish, rice, salad, tsukemono, miso soup, and appetizers (gobo, soy beans, and a mini shrimp).  Hubby ordered an order of anago and an order of unagi ($6.50/order) sushi.  Single entrees cost $9+.

The special was fair.  My favorite was the tsukemono and appetizers. The tsukemono was not too salty and the gobo, soy beans, and shrimp perfect. The miso butterfish was not as sweet as I prefer.  The tempura was hot and crispy.  The dashi sauce was okay but I prefer the sauce at California Beach Rock n Sushi.

Hubby said that the sushi was good and comparable with Yanagi.

Restaurant Kunio was a nice diversion for us.  To me it’s a little pricey for lunch but it was a change of pace for us.

If you are on the West Side, give it a try and let me know what you think. Jurisons Inn is supposed to be good and there is always the other typical fast food places.

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