Side Street Inn on Da Strip

Located on the 1st Floor of the Locations Pacific Building at 614 Kapahulu Avenue (corner of Date and Kapahulu), Side Street Inn on Da Strip does a steady business.  Locals came from all over to taste Colin Nishida’s specials. 

Ladies’ night this month was held at the Side Street Inn in Kapahulu.  The decor and ambience at this location is more upscale than the other location on Hopaka Street.  Although you can dine with any number of people, the dining experience at Side Street Inn is meant to be shared family style. 

Items at Side Street include tax.  Gratuity is extra.  We ordered the smoked Island pork fried rice, boneless kalbi, Chinese chicken salad, pan fried local pork chops, furikake ahi, and peanut butter crunch.  Everything was tasty, portions plentiful, and good.  My personal favorite was the boneless kalbi and the furikake ahi.  The kalbi was tender and flavorful and best yet boneless and the ahi was well done but moist.

Besides the regular menu, there are daily specials.  The smoked Island pork fried rice and the boneless kalbi were daily specials.

There were so many other things I wish we could have tried, like the spicy Chicken or Baby Back Ribs.

Side Street uses monosodium glutamate (msg).  If you are allergic to msg, you might ask in advance which items contain it.  The Inn seems to be doing well despite very little advertising and the unusual location.  Service is very friendly and attentive.

Reservations (ph. 739-3939) are highly recommended.  The night we went there were 2 big parties of over 30 each.  Cost for the food per person (there were 6 of us) was $18 which is not bad for the variety and amount we had to eat.

Valet parking is $5 plus tip.  On street free parking is available on Date and metered parking on Kapahulu Avenue.  Hours are 3 p.m. – midnight Sunday – Saturday.

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