North Shore Grinds

Places to eat abound on the North Shore.  Do you stop in Haleiwa town or do you wind your way through the other little towns like Kahuku?  Hubby and I decided to try the food at Ola which means life in Hawaiian.  Located at the Turtle Bay Resort, Ola is right on the beach.  Your view is of the ocean waves and beach goers. The view is great but what about the food?

Ola’s ambiance is its view.  The ocean is mesmerizing.  You can sit outside of the open air structure or inside.  We opted for sitting inside on simple chairs and a wooden table which had seen better days.  The lunch menu includes local food items such as poke which is raw fish, lomi lomi salmon, fruits, etc.  There are also fresh salads and sandwiches including burgers.  The food at Ola is not a bargain.  After all, Ola is in a hotel resort in Hawaii.  Parking to enter the hotel complex is $5 unless you have a validation.  Lunch with tip was close to $50.

I ordered the Ola Slider trio which included a burger, kalua pork, and a seared ahi mini sandwiches ($16.95) served with fries.  Hubby ordered the grilled fish ($23.95) which was mahimahi.

The Ola Slider was a good choice.  The mini burger had cream cheese and a tomato and was cooked perfectly, flavorful and not dry.  The kalua pork sandwich was served with a guava barbecue sauce and was tender and delicious.  My favorite though was the seared ahi sandwich.  It was served with the green seafood salad.  The different textures and taste was a good combination.  The fries were crunchy the way I like fries but they were cold, not warm or hot but cold.

Hubby enjoyed his mahimahi and fingerling potatoes.  However, the mahimahi was served with a green pureed vegetable that my husband did not like.  The presentation reminded him of something that was not pretty.  The mahimahi was a good size (approximately 6 ounces) and was flaky and tender.

Would we return?  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Although the food was fine, the whole experience was not worth it to me.  Perhaps it would be different if I were a tourist on vacation and money was not an object.  If you would like to try Ola’s, they are located on 57-091 Kamehameha Highway in Kahuku.  Their phone number is 808-293-0801.

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