Haili’s Hawaiian Foods

Established in 1950, Haili’s Hawaiian Foods latest venue is in Kapahulu. They serve up local favorites such as laulau (pork or chicken), kalua pig, poke (raw fish), and one of the best squid luau (luau leaves cooked with coconut milk and squid).

Which Hawaiian restaurant is better? Check them out for yourself. Both are located blocks apart in Kapahulu. There is a line outside of Ono’s but that doesn’t mean the food is better there.

Both restaurants aren’t fancy. You can order to eat at the restaurant and or do a take out like I did. Laulaus may also be ordered cold or hot.

I like Haili’s. I’ve been eating food from Haili’s for decades but ordered it from the Ward Farmer’s Market location which no longer exists.

Hubby and I had friends over for lunch and they wanted Hawaiian food. Although, I can make a pretty good kalua pig and lomi salmon, I decided to order take out.

Yama’s is closer to where I live but decided to order food from Haili’s. I ordered pork laulaus, kalua pig by the pound, lomi salmon by the pound, pipikaula by the pound, poke by the pound, chicken long rice by the pound, and coconut haupia. The total came out to $50 for 5 people. I purchased the poi from the grocery store.

You can also order different Hawaiian plate lunches such as the the Big Kahuna (includes kalua pig, laulau, chicken long rice, lomi salmon, poke, rice or poi), kalbi (with tossed salad and rice), or grilled ahi (with tossed salad and rice).

The laulau was meaty, full of pork and wasn’t salty. One laulau was actually enough for two servings. Everything was yummy and there was leftovers after everyone ate. The kalua pig had a hint of smoky flavoring which made it especially delicious. The only thing that I thought was so so was the poke. It was a little too salty for me and I’ve had better from Haili’s before.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience authentic Hawaiian food (not at a hotel luau), give Haili’s a try. They are located on the corner of Kapahulu & Palani Avenue at 760 Palani Avenue or across the street from Ward Theaters. Call (808) 735-8019 for more information or restaurant hours.

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