Rainbow Drive Inn

If it’s good enough for the President of the United States, is it good enough for me?  On one of President Barack Obama’s visit to Hawaii, he stopped at Rainbow Drive Inn in Kapahulu. Rainbow is not a fancy place but it does a steady business of locals and tourists ordering sandwiches and plate lunches with 2 scoops rice and mac salad.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Rainbow as my taste in food have changed over the years. However, I decided to give Rainbow Drive Inn another try.

I ordered the beef cutlet with fries, mac salad, and gravy on the side.  The plate lunch was under $8 and had enough food for hubby and me.  The fries were similar to McDonald’s which hubby likes. The plate lunch came with 4 pieces of meat.  The meat was tender but the coating/breading was uneven and the cutlet was not crunchy. The gravy although tasty had an unusual taste.  It was not the typical brown gravy.  I don’t know what the ingredient/spice is.

The mac salad had slivers of carrots and lot of mayo.  I didn’t see or any tuna or egg in the salad but it was okay.

Rainbow was busy at 11 a.m. with people ordering loco mocos (hamburger pattie, egg and gravy) and mixed plates.  The food was okay.  If you interested in trying some local food at reasonable prices, stop by Rainbow Drive Inn off of Kapahulu Avenue on Kanaina.  I remember the teri beef as being pretty good but I wouldn’t order the cutlet again.

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