Sunday Brunch at Orchids

I like the Orchids Restaurant at the Halekulani (2199 Kalia Road).  However, it’s been awhile since we had brunch there so hubby and I decided to check it out today .  Actually we wanted to go there three weeks ago but when I called to make reservations, I was told that there weren’t any reservations available.

The brunch at Orchids is $57/person.  For that $57 you get an omelette station, fresh fruit, salads, sashimi, smoked salmon, poke, shrimp, soups, entrees (roast turkey, roast pork, prime rib, and more), pastries including the popovers, desserts including ice cream, fruit juices, coffee and tea.

I prefer quality and not just quantity.  There is so much to eat that it was not possible for me to try everything.  That being said, I want to say for the money I was a little disappointed with the quality of some items I ate.  The food was okay but the taste was so so.

I started the brunch with fresh squeezed orange juice.  It was so good I had two glasses. Hubby ordered ice tea which came with buffet.  Later I ordered plantation ice tea ($4 extra) but was told after that it was not included with the buffet.  FYI, you could order regular ice tea and ask for pineapple juice.

The omelette was great because I got to chose what I wanted in it.  My omelette had ham, bacon, portuguese sausage, green onions, peppers, and cheddar cheese.  It was yummy and cooked to perfection.

The smoked salmon was also superb….melt in your mouth and so tasty.  Hubby said it was the best thing on the buffet.  He had two servings of the salmon.

The prime rib lacked taste to me and was blah.  The cheese blintz was good as were the coconut cake, haupia, Valrhona chocolate, and mango cheese cake.

The Greek salad was fine but the mushroom salad was so so.  Hubby said that the pasta salad was good but some of the fresh fruits were crunchy and not sweet.

The variety of items on the buffet were vast.  Hubby and I had a chance to view all the food before the restaurant opened.  I wish I took pictures of the food before but alas I did not.

To me the proof of the food is the taste.  The presentation of food at Orchids is very nice. I’m not saying the food was bad because it was not.

However, the food quality was not as good as other meals I’ve had at the Halekulani.  The service at Orchids is the best and the view perfect (ocean view with Diamond Head).

If money is not an object, give the Sunday brunch at Orchids a try.  Choose wisely since you can’t eat everything on the buffet.

For reservations, call (808) 923-2311.


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