Uncle Bo’s Revisited

JS and I went to Uncle Bo’s on a Saturday night at 5 p.m.  We didn’t make any reservations so I wanted to be sure to get there early before the crowds came.  We parked on Date Street (free parking) and walked to Uncle Bo’s.  The parking lot across the street was already full from people going to Side Street on Da Strip.

We were seated quickly since there was only one other party in the restaurant. However, when we left, the place in the main dining room was full. I’d make reservations (ph. 735-8310) to make sure you don’t have to wait.

The menu at Uncle Bo’s is lengthy so it may be difficult to decide what you want to eat. To me it’s better to go with a larger group to Uncle Bo’s so you can try different items. Portions are generous.

JS enjoys eating prime rib ($24) so we ordered that and the clam appetizer ($12). The server asked if we wanted the prime rib served pupu style (cut in pieces).

The clams came out first with bread for dipping in the sauce. This was definitely our favorite. The sauce is so flavorful that you just want to soak up everything with the bread.  The clams were plentiful, cooked perfectly and not rubbery.

However, the prime rib although tender was bland in taste.  I had to dip the prime rib in horseradish and the au jus and the taste was so so.  The meat did not have any taste.  It needed something…salt,  garlic.  Also, the temperature at Uncle Bo’s is cold so the fat of the meat hardened which was not appetizing.

The prime rib came with a fresh vegetable saute (carrots, squash, and celery) and a choice of startch.  The vegies were crunchy.  I like my vegies cooked at little more but JS liked the way it was served.

After eating to our heart’s content, we still had left overs which I brought home and heated for hubby.  Hubby said that the sauce for the clams was tasty but a bit salty to him.  He did not like the prime rib, said that it lacked flavor.

Choose carefully when you go to Uncle Bo’s.  I think your experience will depend on what you order.  I enjoyed the fried rice that last time I went.  Other faves from my friends include the spinach salad and the blackened ahi.

Service is friendly and fast.

I think I’d order just pupus instead of a meal like the prime rib if I went back.  Uncle Bo’s is located at 559 Kapahulu Avenue.

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