There are many different fast food restaurants in Hawaii.  Some cater to the local population. Others just do what they do and hope that people will eat what they serve. Wendy’s is a national chain that people know and can identify.

There aren’t many Wendy’s in Hawaii. Not sure why. I like Wendy’s. Their fresh salads are good and I think their chicken nuggets are better than McDonald’s. Hubby and I went to Wendy’s for dinner on a Tuesday night.

We haven’t been to a Wendy’s in awhile.  We were presently surprised.  The Wendy’s on Pu`uola Road in Mapunapuna has been renovated and the food was quite good.  Hubby ordered the fries ($1.69), small chili with rice ($1.59), 4 piece nuggets ($.99), and I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich ($4.39).

The fries were good… in fact they were better than the ones that hubby had at Teddy’s the night before.  The chili which is simmered for 4 hours was tasty and not too spicy.  My spicy chicken sandwich was a chicken breast that was cooked perfectly with just the right kick.

I’ve had the salads at Wendy’s. They are a good alternative if you looking for healthier choices.

While the menu may not be extensive, Wendy’s is a good choice especially if you want something quick, tasty, and inexpensive.


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