Bristol Seafood Grill

Onodining went on the road to St. Louis, Missouri.  Choosing a place to eat was a bit challenging because there are so many places to choose from.

After speaking with the concierge and bell hop at our hotel, we chose a couple of restaurants but finally decided on a different one that was packed with cars when we drove by.

Bristol Seafood Grill in Creve Coeur is part of a chain of restaurants.  They’ve been in St. Louis for 30 years. Bristol Seafood Grill was crowded but the restaurant is quite large. The decor is old style, dark with lots of wood.  It’s fine dining and yet casual.

The food at Bristol is so good.  Fresh, warm biscuits with honey butter are served after you order your food.  The biscuits are flaky and you can’t stop with just one.  Don’t eat too much though because you won’t be able to finish your entree.

Hubby and I ordered the hot platter appetizer ($31) for starters. The plate came with 5 shrimp scampi, fried calamari, and 2 meaty crabcakes with a trio of sauces.  The scampi was cooked perfectly with a great buttery sauce.  I particularly liked the fried calamari which were tender and not rubbery. The crabcakes were good too, chock full of crab meat and not fillers.

The portions were so huge that we cancelled our entree order and just ordered two sides of the lobster macaroni and cheese ($4.50) which was not your typical macaroni and cheese from a box. I also asked for the scampi butter sauce to pour over the macaroni and cheese which made it super rich but so good.

Hubby ordered the strawberry shortcake ($6) and I ordered the creme brulee ($7) for dessert which were both wonderful.

Everything was so tasty and cooked perfectly. The service was excellent, friendly and attentive. No complaints at all. I highly recommend the restaurant at 11801 Olive Street Road.  For reservations to the dining room, call (314) 567-0272. Happy hour in the bar is also available.

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