Spice’s Restaurant in Kihei, Maui

Spice’s is a common name for a restaurant so I need to clarify that this is the restaurant in Kihei at the Maui Coast Hotel (2259 Kihei Road). Hubby and I ate breakfast and dinner at Tradewinds (the food came from Spice’s).

Both hubby and I had the biscuits and gravy ($5/person) for breakfast. I wish we didn’t. The food was mediocre and the potatoes had a greasy taste.

We also had a dinner at the Maui Coast Hotel pool (Tradewinds).  The crab stuffed ahi roll ($15) tasted pretty good even though it did not look very appetizing.  The fish and chips ($12) were not good.  In fact, we could not tell if the fish was fish or chicken. The fries were okay.

I do not recommend eating at Spices’s .  There are better places to eat in Maui.  Don’t waste your money.

P.S. Spices is now closed. The owner did not renew his lease.

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