Da Kitchen Cafe

Big portions of local and Hawaiian ono food.  That about sums up Da Kitchen Cafe located at 925 Isenberg Street on Oahu.  Da Kitchen is originally from Maui with locations in Kihei and Kahului.

Hubby and I went to Da Kitchen Cafe for dinner on Friday night. We had to try their signature fried spam musubi ($5.25).  The musubi was different, very crunchy on the outside, filling, and a little difficult to eat.

We also ordered the fish and chips ($15.49) and fried noodles ($9.79). The fish and chips came with 3 huge pieces of mahi mahi cooked tempura style and french fries. The batter on the fish was crisp but the fish was flaky and not dry.  Hubby and I ate 1 1/2 pieces.  The fried noodles were the thick fresh saimin noodles from Maui made with teriyaki beef instead of char siu.  The noodles are chewy but good.

Everything tasted good and the portions were so big we took home leftovers for another meal or two.  Prices  are a bit high for plate lunches but you get large portions. My son, his wife and son ordered the Hawaiian plate ($16.49) which comes with pork lau lau, kalua pork, chicken long rice and lomi salmon and rice which was enough to feed them all.

I think I could have done without the fried spam musubi but wanted to try it once.  I personally prefer the traditional spam musubi.

The true test of a restaurant is whether I would return.  Yes, hubby and I would eat at Da Kitchen Cafe again but next time we’ll share one entree…too much food.


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