There are tons of Applebees Restaurants in the United States. Unfortunately, Hawaii is not included in one of those places. We get television commercials of restaurants that just don’t exist here.  Applebee’s is one of those restaurants.

Hubby and I went to Applebees’s for dinner while we were in Missouri. We weren’t very hungry so ordered appetizers.  We ordered the ultimate trio ($12.29) and a side order of red beans and rice (.$99) and two mini desserts.

The three items we chose for the ultimate trip were the pork won ton tacos, steak quesadilla tower, and cheeseburger sliders. The food was very good.  The pork won ton tacos were the best. The red beans and rice were okay.  The red beans and rice at Popeye’s are better.

Hubby especially liked the mini desserts which are bigger than the ones served at PF Changs. In fact, hubby wanted to eat at Applebee’s just to eat the dessert. We both ordered the chocolate mousse which consisted of Oreo® Cookie Pieces, chocolate mousse and whipped cream. Yummy, but not too filling that you feel stuffed.

Best thing for hubby was that Applebee’s serves Pepsi products. So many places that we dined at only had Coke products.

Our experience at Applebee’s was good. Our server was friendly and attentive. The manager stopped by our table and spoke with us. Hopefully, there will be an Applebee’s in Hawaii one day. Food is tasty, not fancy. Prices are reasonable and there are specials all the time.

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