On the Road…Mosaic Modern Fusion in St. Louis

Hubby and I went to see The Gateway Arch in St. Louis and wanted to find a restaurant close by for lunch.  The bell captain at our hotel suggested Mosaic. Mosaic was a good choice.

We found street parking and got to the restaurant about 1 p.m. and were seated immediately.  We were offered seats outside but we opted for the air conditioned restaurant. The decor is definitely contemporary.

Hubby ordered the hand dipped fish & chips ($10) and lemonade ($3) and I ordered the mosaic chopped salad ($9) with a cup of the butternut squash soup $3).

Our experience at Mosaic was great except for one thing which was really our fault. Hubby loved his fish. The fish was flaky and tender and the portions good (two huge pieces). The disappointment was the chips. Hubby saw other people eating french fries and they looked so good. He thought he would be getting french fries with his fish. Wrong, the chips at Mosaic Modern Fusion are really chips…potato chips, so, if you want french fries with your chips you better ask for it. Hubby was really bummed out.

The lemonade was not the typical lemonade but hubby liked it.

The butternut squash soup was wonderful.  Creamy, rich and so sweet, literally.  Our waiter Stan said that some people order the soup for dessert.  The chopped salad was huge and I could not eat it all so I started eating just the toppings.  The chicken are strips of chicken, not small cubes. The parmesan peppercorn dressing was very good and I asked for more since I like to drench my salads in dressing…my bad. I order dressing on the side but smother the salad.

We were too full to even try dessert. Would we return? The answer is yes. Mosaic is not inexpensive but the prices are not outrageous. Our waiter Stan was professional, attentive, and helpful.

Mosaic Modern Fusion is located at 1001 Washington Avenue.  For reservations, call (314) 621-6001. Mosaic Modern Fusion is open 7 days a week.






























































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