JJ’s French Pastry

Hubby and I have eaten dessert at JJ’s French Pastry but we’ve never had a meal there. We decided to go there for dinner on Friday night after work. We parked in back of the restaurant in the private parking lot (free parking) so did not have to worry about feeding the parking meters.

When we got to the restaurant there was only 1 other party so we were able to sit anywhere. Hubby chose the leather looking chairs and marble table for 4 even thought there were only two of us. The restaurant started filling while we were eating. Normally, we are a fast turnaround in a restaurant especially if we’ve eaten at a restaurant before. We can order our food and be out in 30 -40 minutes. However, dining at JJ’s it took us an hour and 15 minutes. That’s not a bad thing.

Hubby ordered the prix fixe menu with a choice of seafood dish entree, side salad, coffee, tea, or soft drink and dessert in the show case for $17.50. His entree choice was the Bake Salmon. I ordered the 4 course meal ($19.95 + $5 for the Lamb Wellington). The prix fixe menu or 4 course meal is the way to go instead of ala carte if you are going to choose a variety of items. Ala carte the bake salmon is $12.95 and the lamb $18.95. Dessert only can cost you $8 for two so highly recommend that you order the prix fixe or 4 course menu.

Hubby’s side salad came with mixed green tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots with a light ginger sesame dressing. Hubby enjoyed his salad and said that the dressing was light and not overpowering. My first course was the corn and crab soup.  The soup was tasty and light and reminded me of the Oriental style corn chowder made with cream corn and chicken broth. Since I am allergic to sesame oil and seed, the server said that she would substitute my second course with a Caesar salad from JJ’s other restaurant. The Caesar salad came with an anchovy.  The dressing was light and not the typical creamy, heavy  Caesar dressing.

According to hubby, his bake salmon was cooked perfectly. The salmon was about 5 ounces and came with julienne vegetables with a garlic lemon chili butter sauce and 3 slices French bread. The sauce was a little sweet but complemented the fish which was moist. Hubby used his bread to absorb all the sauce. My lamb was cooked medium well but was tender baked in a delicate puff pastry. The lamb portion size was small (two thin ribs) but was adequate for me (2-3 ounces of meat) and was served with sweet purple mashed potatoes and peas.  The presentation of the food was simple and the food good.

I can’t remember the exact names of the desserts.  Hubby’s was a strawberry mousse which he thoroughly enjoyed.  I chose a guava dessert.  The mousse part was good but the cake on the bottom was a little dry.

Cons for this restaurant is that there are quite a few young waitresses. One of our waitresses had worked only 3 weeks.  Another con is the portion size of the entrees.  There are ample but definitely not hearty.  You get what you pay for.  This is an nice, casual neighborhood restaurant. This is not fine dining. I liked the food.  I did not have any leftovers but both hubby and I were full and not stuffed when we finished our meal. One draw for this place is BYOB. We saw at least 4 parties with their own wine.

Would I go back and would I recommend this restaurant? The answer is yes. Hubby and I have been to Paris and the food there is good but very expensive. JJ’s French Pastry is not in France but it is quaint like some of the places we ate in Paris. JJ’s is located at 3447 Waialae Avenue. For reservations, call 739-0993.

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