Kochi Redux

On October 31 , hubby wanted to eat blackened ahi with garlic butter sauce at California Beach Rock n Sushi. We drove to the restaurant and fed the parking meter and walked to the restaurant. Lo and behold, there was a sign on the door that the restaurant was closed. T’was such a disappointment.

We nixed restaurants nearby and drove to Kochi. It had been awhile since we went there and decided to give it another try. When we walked into the restaurant, we noticed that the chairs looked worn. Also, certain items in the menu had prices that were blocked out with tape and were missing.

The tent on the table had a happy hour menu which looked interesting.  I ordered the chicken katsu ($5) and yakisoba ($5). The chicken katsu was perfect. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The yakisoba had pieces of pork, carrots, and ginger and was filling. The pork could have had more flavor.

Hubby ordered the house moco ($9.95) with gravy on the side. Kochi’s moco had corned beef hash besides the hamburger pattie. Hubby said it was good but he wasn’t sure it was worth the price.

The experience at Kochi was okay. I’m glad that I could order from the happy hour menu. That it the way to go. The portions are good and the food quite tasty. The regular menu is a little more expensive. Service was fine.

Kochi is located at the site of the old King’s Bakery at 1936 S. King Street.

P.S. Kochi did not make it and is closed permanently.

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