Auntie Pasto’s

New Year, new management, new hours…Auntie Pasto’s is now open for lunch and 7 days a week. There is a “just in time” menu that is available from opening till 6 p.m. that allows two people to share an appetizer (Red Pepper Calamari, Caesar Salad, or Green Salad), a dessert (Sorbet, Gelato, or Tiramisu) and 2 entrees of pizza and/or pasta for $28.

Hubby and I haven’t been to Auntie Pasto’s for a long time but decided to try it for dinner. We saw a sign on the window that they serve gluten-free pasta.

Hubby ordered the meatballs, in tomato sauce ($8.95) with gluten free pasta ($2 extra) and I chose the shrimp scampi with angel hair pasta ($13.50).

Hubby’s entree came with 3 meatballs made of beef and pork. Hubby was disappointed. He said that the meatballs were not like the filet mignon meatballs at Sarento’s and tasted like seafood. The tomato sauce was heavy and too tomato for him. The pasta was drowning in the sauce. Auntie Pasto’s doesn’t skimp on the sauce.

My angel hair pasta was swimming in its sauce too. The scampi was good and the angel hair pasta not overcooked although it could have been cooked less. The shrimp was plentiful and not rubbery. The scampi sauce was lemony but not in a bad way.

The bread at Auntie Pasto’s was warm and served with olive oil. It was yummy. I could have eaten more but was not offered any more.

The food was not bad but I think it comes down to expectations. Hubby really prefers the meatballs at Sarento’s. He said that the meatballs at Auntie Pastos were airy and not meaty enough.

Price for the pasta range from $8.50 to $13.50 and for the pizza from $9.25 to $10.95. Auntie Pasto’s also serves rib-eye steak ($25), chicken breast ($19) and mahimahi ($18).

I did not expect to pay extra for the gluten free pasta so it was a surprise to see that there was a $2 extra charge for ordering it.

Presently, Auntie Pasto’s has a promo that if you bring in your yelp review, you will receive 10% off your bill.

Auntie Pasto’s is located on 1099 S. Beretania St. Street parking is available. Try it…you might like it more than we did.

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