Mekong II

Yes, there is a Mekong I and it is on Beretania Street. However, Girls’ Night was at Mekong II on 1726 S. King Street. J.S. had never eaten at Mekong before so we decided to have Girl’s Night there.

Mekong II is a small, neighborhood restaurant that is a sister restaurant to Keo’s in Waikiki. There are set menus for two ($41.95), three ($64.95), four ($82.95), and five ($95.95). If you haven’t tried Thai foods, the set menus give you a nice variety.

My friends and I decided to order off the menu and eat family style. L.S. has eaten at Mekong II before and deferred to the rest of us to order. We chose the Spring Rolls ($8.50), Pad Thai with pork ($9.95), Evil Jungle Prince with beef ($11.95), Fillet of Catfish with the Lime Cilantro Sauce ($10.50), 2 bowls sticky rice ($1.95/), and Thai tapioca pudding with Haupia Ice Cream ($5.95/).

Portions at Mekong II are enough. The Spring Rolls were crunchy and served with fresh green lettuce, cucumbers, and mint. They were a yummy start. The Pad Thai noodles were good although in my opinion with too much tofu. Since we ordered it with pork, I thought there should be more of that. The surprise was the catfish. It was deep fried and crunchy, moist with a wonderful lime cilantro sauce that complemented the fish. The Evil Jungle Prince with beef was full of flavor although the beef was a little tough. The sticky rice was great with the beef and a change from the ordinary white or brown rice.

The tapioca pudding with the haupia ice cream was a nice ending to the meal, not too sweet although I personally would have preferred the tapioca to be colder so the ice cream wouldn’t have melted so much.

The total for our meal for four was $59.84 without tip. Pretty reasonable considering that we were full.

Service at Mekong II was a little slow… not sure why considering the restaurant wasn’t full.

Overall though, we all had a nice time and I would recommend eating here. I also personally like the summer rolls, Bangkok wings and the Panang curry with chicken. For reservations, call 941-6212 or 941-6184. Parking is free and is behind the restaurant.

P.S. Both Mekong restaurants have closed. Mekong II closed effective July 31, 2012 after 30 years of business. We spoke to the woman who ran the restaurant said that Mekong was running at a loss for 3 years. I guess the owners decided to cut their losses.

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