Kiss My Grits – Now Closed

I love Southern food…barbecue, catfish, fried okra, biscuits and sausage gravy. Yummy. Obviously, too much is not good for you but in moderation and occasionally, why not?

Hubby and I were going to eat at the Greek Corner in Puck’s Alley on University Avenue. We parked our car and were on our way to the Greek Corner when we spotted Kiss My Grits. We checked out their menu and decided to eat there instead.

Kiss My Grits reminded me of Bubba Gumps with far less stuff. Water is served in mason jars and your food comes in paper trays or plates with plastic knives and forks.

Hubby ordered a half order of biscuits & gravy ($4.95) with a side order of scrambled egg ($1.50). I ordered a biscuit your way ($2.95) and a fried chicken tenderloin ($1.50).

The biscuits were huge and flaky. One biscuit was too much for me. I ate half and the tenderloin. Hubby enjoyed his biscuits and gravy and gave me some to try. The gravy needed salt to me. Both my tenderloin and the gravy had a lot of black pepper.

Kiss My Grits does not have any air conditioning so it got a bit warm inside the restaurant. The staff are friendly and the service fast. Would we return? Yes, but I would try something else on the menu.

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