On Jin’s American Bistro at Shirokiya Ala Moana Shopping Center

When I saw an ad that On Jin was going to have a bistro at Shirokiya, I couldn’t wait to try it. For those of us who are foodies, On Jin is a familiar name in Hawaii. She is a talented woman who can not only cook but sing opera too. I’ve eaten at her restaurants in Hawaii Kai and Kakaako and was sad to hear when she closed her last venture.

Shirokiya has different concessions on their second floor. On Jin’s American Bistro will be there for only 20 days, the last day being April 22. However, I was told that she is looking for another location.

Hubby and I went to On Jin’s American Bistro on Friday, April 13. It’s a take-out. Hubby ordered the baked salmon ($11.50) and I chose the LA Kal Bi ($11.50). The pictures weren’t accurate. There was more food than expected. Each entree came with a big scoop of white rice, mochi rice with beans, cooked veggies (carrots & zucchini), mixed green salad, and macaroni salad. Needless to say, we took home food.

The baked salmon was a little dry and spicy. It was served with peppers and onions. Hubby doesn’t do spicy. My Kal Bi was flavorful and tender.

The ambience of Shirokiya is okay but not if you want an intimate dinner. The chairs and table are wooden and not very comfortable and the place is bustling.

Draft beer started at $1 so we saw the pau hana crowd with their pitchers of beer.

Wish I could have tried the crab cakes and the chicken wings but those items were not served until 5:30 p.m.

The second floor of Shirokiya is fun place to try different foods in a casual atmosphere.

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