Nico’s at Pier 38 Redux

After a morning at the Aloha Stadium Flea Market, hubby asked me if I wanted to go to Nico’s for lunch. I jumped at the opportunity. I like Nico’s but I hadn’t gone to Nico’s since they moved.

We drove around Pier 38 since we weren’t quite sure where they were located. The new location (Diamond Head side) is in another building horizontally across their old building. The space is huge in comparison. There are lots of tables inside and outside and there is bar which differs from the old Nico’s. There is also a little store where you can purchase produce, poke, salad dressings, etc.

I ordered the furikake ahi ($12.95) and hubby ordered the fish and chips ($10.95). I paid for the lunch at the counter but did not check my receipt. Wrong. The order taker had put fish tacos which we did not catch until we picked up the order. Recommend that you check your receipt to make sure you get what you ordered.

I ordered the furikake ahi medium but it came out well done. It was still good but I would have preferred it rarer. I chose brown rice and green salad which was a healthier option than white rice and mac salad. Hubby’s fish and chips were good. The fries were cooked perfectly and the beer battered fish was tender and flaky.

Nico’s concept is ordering your food at the counter, receiving a pager that goes off when your order is ready and picking it up at the counter. I’m not sure if that changes for dinner or happy hour.

Would I go back? Definitely. The food at Nico’s is still good and the view overlooking the ocean was peaceful. There’s lots of places to sit but we went at 10 in the morning. Hard to say how it is a noon. I’m glad their hours are longer so we can go during dinner and pau hana too.

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