On the Road… Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

I love buffets but hubby doesn’t. Buffets have too many choices and we usually end up eating more than we need or want.

However, we were in Las Vegas where buffets are everywhere. Wicked Spoon was just voted the best buffet in Vegas so I just HAD to try it. The dinner buffet is $35/person.

One good thing about Wicked Spoon is that the portions are appetizer size. If you want more, just go and get more. We went at 7 p.m. and there was no line at all. Not sure if that is typical.

I ate till I could eat no more. The quality of the food, in my opinion, was okay, not great. One could probably get their monies worth by eating the snow crab legs, mussels, and shrimp which quite a few people were doing. The prime rib had no taste to me and needed more seasoning.

My favorites were the creamed spinach and cooked to order shrimp. The desserts were plentiful but the best were the apple tart and gelato.

I personally don’t recommend the Wicked Spoon buffet. I think you can get better food at other places.

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